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Where Past, Present and Future Meet...

"My work will help you to connect with the greater wholeness of life, with nature, with existence itself. This is the essence of all spiritual transformation."

- Neelama

Life Transforming Bardo-Karmic Process
Karmic Deconditioning

This process locates and uses the individual's timeless, undying consciousness that can remember beyond time and space.

Bardo is the Tibetan term for the intermediate state or gap we experience between death and our next birth.

A journey backwards in time bringing awareness, releasing energy caught up in unconscious behavior patterns and connecting to that undying essence in you which exists beyond lives.

In this process through the significant Past life we will enter into the space of Bardo- Karmic wisdom.

Color-coded Karmic Map of repeating memory patterns is created, while the individual is in the Bardo-Karmic Wisdom Dimension. The map is carried forward through the sessions, using Starlight Dialogue to bring consciousness to different areas of the current life, such as the choice of marriage partner, selecting one's profession, work, and way of life; creativity skills and talents; friends, enemies; religious belief system; family and social life; threads that were woven together to form the fabric of that life. The context sets the tone of life.

The Bardo-Karmic process offers a new dimension of Wisdom, unique and life changing.

This process uses the individual's timeless, undying consciousness that can remember beyond time and place. When unconscious memories are brought to awareness, the door is open to enter and to liberate oneself from old belief- bound memories.

Without awareness we remain unconscious for life after life, going around in circles. Starlight Transomatic Dialogue then evaluates the truth and heals. Once reality is experienced as a shifting drama, it lifts the idea of self into a wider level of awareness. Past life memories are loosening current beliefs and attitudes. This is the essence of all spiritual transformation.

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Transformational Processing
Accept, relive and let go

Transformational Processing is a system of tools for your personal change. All the answers are inside of us. But why can’t we find these answers on our own? Unresolved trauma, negative emotions and experiences make mind fragmented, scattered.

Processing is a technology to let go of charges which we got in traumatic or painful experiences. It heals unwanted emotions, psychological states and removes limited beliefs in order to live with awareness, in our full potential, capacity and talents. A processing session will help you to find answers inside yourself. You aren't just a body or a mind. You are much more. By clearing away the barriers of the mind you can become much more of what you are.

You already have all the resources you need. You might have forgotten how to use them, so it might take some re-discovery to become the complete and whole person you really are.

In processing we work with experiences. Each experience consists of Images, Body Sensations, Emotions and Thoughts. Painful and unpleasant experiences are often incomplete and suppressed to the unconscious. In the session you will relive these experiences and complete them, it will take the charge out of the Nervous System.

We will work on an issue in a systematic manner. A technique will be chosen that fits your situation and it will be used until you get a noticeable result from it. Processing is not just random attempts to figure something out; it is the skilled resolution of issues.

In the session we will follow a process of meditation and communication. The facilitator will ask you certain questions and you will go deep inside to connect with your experience and answer the questions with awareness.

It requires your cooperation to do that. With the help of a skilled practitioner you can gradually discover your true nature and unleash tremendous potential within you. Processing is not doing something TO you. It is simply a vehicle to help you change your own way of being for the better.

Any change that you can imagine is possible. The changes you can't imagine will also become possible, as long as you are willing to develop and learn.

Life can be wondrous and fascinating. You can expand your awareness, understanding, and abilities. Limitation can change into freedom, weakness can change into power, and drudgery can turn into joy. All you need to do to start to realize that it is possible.

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Transomatic dialogue

Transomatic dialogue provides a safe way for an individual to relax their body, emotions and mind, to enter a state of increased awareness that enables unconscious memories to be accessed easily and safely.

This is the fast-track method, using guided trance, colored light and dialogue to clear unconscious memory for Healing, Finding resources, Balancing and Integrating into the original wholeness.

Every disease, physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual, has its roots in our psychological and emotional past.The information is stored in human body tissues–teeth, bones, cells, and genes — as archival memories of the evolution of consciousness on its cosmic journey through space-time.

As long as the illness has a purpose, the body will express it. Once the purpose is understood, it is also necessary to eliminate long term patterns of thinking, behaviors and limiting beliefs, which have supported years of habits in terms of recurrent limiting interpretations.

Transomatic Starlight Dialogue for Self- Healing has four Aspects:
  • Healing - uncovering the core memory, emotions, beliefs and behavior patterns.
  • Balancing the restored emotional and energetic circuits.
  • Integrating psycho-emotional aspects back into their original wholeness.
  • Harmonizing, connecting with the greater wholeness of life, nature, existence itself.

Issues for these sessions can be: Physical symptoms, Illness, dysfunctional behaviors, repetitive patterns, traumas and much more can be brought into this healing energy field.

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The Starchild Bardo-Karmic Rebirthing Process
10 Individual Sessions

A safe, systematic approach to spiritual transformation, expanded awareness and deep meditation, by accessing evolutionary memories archived in the DNA and body.

This process locates and uses the individual's consciousness that can remember beyond time and space.

These memories include:
  • Past Life memories
  • Bardo - Karmic memories
  • Period of nine month before conception (parents life)
  • Conception and womb-memories
  • Birth, and the deeply impressionable nine month following
  • Family tree memory


- Present Life

- Experience from the Birth to the Present Moment

- Nine month before Conception, Womb Life, Birth, nine month after the Birth

- Family Tree, Ancestors

We will enter the Bardo-Karmic Wisdom dimension, the realm that becomes available to consciousness after death. The essence guided by Bardo-Karmic Dialogue, brings its light as it travels into this dimension of timeless wisdom.

From this place one can look back at the life just completed, seeing clearly how this life was created by making certain decisions. The choice of marriage partner, profession, work, creativity and talents; friends, enemies, religious belief, family. Each life has also collective context of time, style, culture and geography. Seeing the threads that were woven together to form the fabric of that life.

Karmic patterns will inevitably repeat until underlying emotions, beliefs, and behaviors are brought onto the screen of consciousness. Without awareness we remain unconscious for life after life going around in circles.

A color-coded Karmic Map of repeating memory patterns are created in the first session. This map is carried forward through the remaining sessions.

We will create a bridge of awareness at each stage, starting from nine months before conception to nine months after birth.

The Karmic Colour-coded Map is again brought to consciousness as they become embodied. One can see which karmic memories are entering into the new body with emotions, beliefs and behavior patterns.

Karmic memories can be seen as they form the new body and, because their source and origins are now seen, they can no longer unconsciously influence this life.

One of the sessions is regression to birth into this life, following in exquisite detail as it happens. From the moment of emerging the newborn encounters its new life -- new circumstances, new mother, new father, new family, new culture; everything is new -- for the first time. But with a vital difference; this time having a bridge of awareness brought from the Bardo-Karmic Wisdom

The result of these early-life experiences forms the foundation of the ego- personality.

The past cannot be changed, but awareness, with the power of the here-and-now allows the person to consciously change his 'old' emotional reactions and imprints. It reconnects the spiritual resources that were apparently lost.

In addition the Process opens a dialogue with Dreams. Each session also monitors any current physical, emotional or psychological issues that may arise due to the profound life review.

The Therapeutic Tools Used Are:
  • Feeling-Sense-Awareness Relaxation Trance
  • Light-as-colour
  • Transomatic Dialogue in which the individual clearly feels, and becomes precisely aware of body-held memories
  • Dream Dialogue
  • Past-Life dialogue
  • Clear language
  • Symbolic modeling
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The Inner Adventure with Metaphoric Cards
Revealing the Transpersonal Dimension

Metaphoric Cards makes us evolve in our depths, open to change, to welcome the events and situations we encounter in our lives, and to integrate them.

Choose the cards and the inner story begins to unfold. The decks are designed to increase intuition, imagination, insight and inner vision.

The concept of associative cards was inspired by archetypes and myths. Metaphoric Cards help to bypass the mind to explore the depths of the psyche. It triggers free and spontaneous associations, offering us a true work on the inner self.

Our unconscious always knows the right thing to do, how to find a way out of the situation, and which choices to make. Metaphoric associative cards, in this case, are an indispensable guide and assistant. Cards picked at random bring the person into essential awareness and trust.

Consider the Areas of Your Life, Choose the Session –
  • Self Discovery
  • Talents
  • Inner Search
  • Psychosomatic Symptoms
  • Relationships, Sexuality
  • Family of Origin
  • Career, Money; Creative Expression
  • Crisis
  • Trauma; Emotional Issues
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Starlight Rainbow Octave Akashic Process
Seven individual sessions to expand awareness by accessing ancient memories from the physical body

The Akashic processes, bring profound healing and spiritual transformation by enabling direct conscious connection with realms of consciousness beyond the ego-personality self.

The Tools for Akashic Processing are:
  • Trance with Feeling-Sense-Awareness
  • Transomatic Dialogue
  • Light-as-Colour
  • Sacred Geometry
We will work with
  • The Personal Unconscious Mind
  • The Collective Unconscious Mind
  • The Universal Unconscious Mind
  • Cosmic Consciousness - No Mind

Conditioning creates a personal value system (an ego-self) learned during childhood, formed by parenting, education, religious beliefs, cultural patterns.

Sessions access traumatic memories of childhood that affect later male-female relationships, bringing them to the light of awareness. By bringing new awareness to core memories, unity replaces conflict between the dualities of male and female.

The Akashic Process allows an individual to experience the eternal reality. We are Cosmic Beings having a human experience.

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Past-Life Regression

Experiencing oneself in a different time, changes the whole notion of self by shifting the paradigm markers of personality.

Past Life memory allows clearly to experience events, feel emotions from another time and space, re-cognizes other values and beliefs from previous reality in detail and changes the ideas that form the basis of here-now reality.

Once reality is experienced as a shifting drama, its lifts the idea of self into wider levels of awareness.

Past life memories are loosening current beliefs and attitudes. An individual needs to have a mind open enough to allow the unknown to enter. This is the essence of all spiritual transformation.

Akashic Records Healing Sessions and Processes

Discover your Soul’s Path through the Akashic Records, the “Cosmic Chronicles of you that tells the story of your Soul’s Journey through Space and Time.

The road of life is long, but the map for the journey you’re meant to take can be found by accessing your Akashic Record.

You will receive answers from the keepers of your personal Record to gain clarity about your life purpose, and how your past lives are affecting you in this lifetime in order to find the answers your soul needs, to move forward with certainty.

Akashic Process
  • Explore the Past Lives that may influence your life now.
  • Your Ancestral lineage, learn why you have chosen your family of origin.
  • Your Soul lineage, connect to your soul path
  • Learn about Soul Purpose, look why you’ve come to Earth now
  • Clear trauma and reclaim gifts from past lives
  • Discover talents you may be unaware of
  • Move outside of Time & Space, clear stuck energy
  • Reclaim Past Life wisdom to support your soul
  • Clear entities including soul contracts with them
  • Work with your soul contracts bring to completion those that no longer serve you
Akashic Healing Sessions
  • Understand the difficult relationships in your life, how to heal them
  • Clear your personal energy field, you can set healthy boundaries
  • Receive tools to understand and release the karma that is keeping you stuck in old patterns
  • Gain clarity around the creative steps you need to take next
  • Raise your energy vibration to increase your healing powers and strengthen your intuition
  • Clear money blocks to facilitate the flow of money into your life
  • Learn how your past lives affect this life and what you can do to shift that old energy
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Dream Dialogue

Connecting with yourself through dreams. This is a safe way, using trance and dialogue, to enter the inner reality of dreams, and to understand its message.

Dream dialogue reveals the hidden meaning of dreams and bring direct experience of higher states of consciousness.

Dreams are remarkable in many ways, not least because they arise from an unknown place inside our self. They often take on strange forms and have rules of behavior outside the daily norm.

Integrating this experience stretches the boundaries of our comfort zone. This allows the limited zone of the known self to expand and grow.

Providing the dreamer an opportunity to give a voice to the elements in their dream is the basis of Dream Dialogue.

Tibetan Pulsing Sessions
Astral Body Healing

Tibetan Pulsing is Ancient energetic bodywork. We are pulsating beings. The pulse is light, light is love. Pulsing is a natural way of healing and regenerating from the deepest level.

In a Tibetan pulsing session, the healer works on specific points on the body meridians, corresponding to the nervous system. The Pulse is brought on these points. This process creates a positive flow of bio-electricity that starts streaming through the whole body.

It creates the gentle power to dissolve blockages in the Bio-electrical (or Pranic) flow, which runs our nervous system. This positive input neutralizes pain, suffering and anger through orgasmic relaxation.

Results are profound and far reaching, physical tensions dissolve and defenses carried for years are released and it becomes possible to open up to a new strength and confidence which transmits to people's work, relationships, creativity and health.

Prana Healing

Deep Energy Work for Clearing and Harmonizing of the Aura and Physical Body. This session is an open space for healing to happen, naturally simple and miraculous.

Whenever our life- energy is not harmonious, we experience dis-ease - in the form of body tension, pain, and chronic sickness. On a psychological or mental level, it can manifest as imbalanced emotions, destructive behavior patterns and more.

A Prana healing session is deep energy work. It helps to restore and clean the Aura and physical body. Therefore, you can come to your natural state again.

In a space of relaxation and let go, healing happening, old wounds dissolve and open new opportunities for your life.

I am with you as a supportive channel, transmitting healing energy, sounds and touch.

Dance Celebration

Forget the dancer; become the dance. That is the meditation. Dance so deeply that you forget completely that ‘you’ are dancing and begin to feel that you are the dance. The division must disappear; then it becomes a meditation.

- Osho


Join us and enjoy a safe space to dance without talking, drinking and the nightclub vibe. This is about freeing your mind and body, and connecting with yourself and others in a vibrant way.

Why We Dance?

Some dance to release the stress and tension in the body, some dance to express themselves freely, some dance to connect with others in a safe environment, some dance to celebrate and regain joy, some dance as a meditation to experience deep authentic parts of themselves, and some simply dance to exercise with a creative wonderful group of people.