Universal Healing Tao
Qigong for Energy,
Strength & Healing
Foundational Universal Healing Tao practices -
the basis of self-healing, wellness and spirituality

Microcosmic Orbit - is the core meditation for opening all of the higher level Taoist practices. More than 5000 years ago, the Taoist Masters discovered that our body has a marvelous regenerating, repairing, and rebuilding power.

Opening the Chi flow in the energy pathways will help draw in more Primordial force from the earth and from the universe.

Cosmic Inner Smile - teaches you how to get in touch with your internal organs, smiling to them, and transforming them into love, kindness, gentleness, and healing energy. Use the Power of smiling to activate the relaxation response in the parasympathetic nervous system. Heal negative emotions and rebalance them with positive emotions. The Inner Smile is one of the most simple and powerful tools for healing.

Six Healing Sounds - cool down excess heat, clean toxins out of the organs and transform negative emotions into positive. Each organ stores parts of the primordial force and of negative emotions. With the special sound for each of the organs, the healing color, the positive emotion, and a special position for each sound—this combination will help to restore you back to good health and will help with the connection to the primordial force.

Morning Qigong - a great way to start the day! Wake up and move your energy through breathing, body alignment, and slow movement.

Qigong is an ancient healing art from China. With slow yet very energizing movements, it helps to strengthen the body as it relaxes the mind. Simple and enjoyable for everyone from 15 to 115 years old!

Simple Qigong has profound health benefits and is for all ages. Short daily practice helps to lose weight, heal chronic illnesses, and feel energized.

  • Live a longer, happier, healthier life
  • Increase mental clarity and emotional
  • Feel connected to something “greater”
  • Feel free in body and mind
  • Protect yourself from injury and disease
  • Eliminate low energy and fatigue
  • Increase sexual stamina and pleasure
Taoist Sexual Alchemy for Men
Connecting to the Sacred Masculinity
Become Multi Orgasmic Men
Open Your “Heart of Compassion”

We ha’ve all heard about the Kama Sutra, Tantra and other Sacred Sexual Arts. Well, this is something more...

Let us show you the “sexual science” of Taoist energetic practice. Which isn’t about sex, it’s about you and the power you have within yourself.

If you a’re looking for a way to revolutionize your life... then the Taoist Sexual Secrets practice is for you.

You wi’ll learn how to activate your sexual energy, circulate this energy through your meridians, transform sexual energy into an ecstatic internal experience, exchange sexual energy with your partner, and sublimate your sexual energy to connect with the Divine.

In this seminar you will learn breathing exercises, meditation, and physical exercises, to guide sexual energy in order to transform this creative power for the healing of yourselves and your partner. So we can guide this energy to the higher centers and make it a spiritual force.

A man’s sexual energy is often difficult to control. The primary reason for this is that nobody has ever taught him how to do it. The Tao of Healing Love gives answers to questions about the “ taboo” subject of sexual energy.

You will learn effective techniques that allow a man of any age to improve his sexual vitality:

The Taoist arts of the bedchamber profoundly improve sexual and overall health. From strengthening your glandular and hormonal systems, to experiencing truly mystical full-body orgasms, the ancient Chi science of sexology will allow you to merge spiritually with sexuality. In inner alchemy, this sexual play occurs deep inside your body-mind in very dynamic, fun meditations.

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