Tibetan Pulsing Group processes

"In my 30 years of experience in working with people, all over the world, I found that group processes provide the perfect situation for personal transformation."

- Devanshu

Tibetan Pulsing Yoga is a process of inner transformation and healing for everyone who is ready to take a jump from the mind to the heart.

It is a practice recommended for anyone who wants to do more than just fix their physical ailments – anyone who has ever felt ready to look within, or who has ever woken up in the morning wondering what life was all about and who they really were . . . or, just as importantly, if they were the person they wanted to be, living the life they wanted to lead.

In a group we create a collective energy field, in which transformation can happen more easily. In your daily life you will never meet a human being on such a profound level of intimacy. You meet the soul of the other person and you meet them on the deepest level of your being.

In a group process we create such a high level of vibration and electrical life- force that we can raise collectively our consciousness to a higher frequency, to a higher level, where old blockages of conditioning and behavior patterns melt like ice.

All group processes are supported by meditation and they will help you to purify and heal your organs, where your negative emotions are stored. Organs also contain our qualities and talents; they are holding the blueprint for our transformation.

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About the Tibetan Pulsing

Tibetan Pulsing is Tantric bodywork, an estimated 5000 years old. It was developed over many decades as the life-work of Shantam Dheeraj, who was the reincarnation of a high Tibetan lama.


Shantam Dheeraj was a visionary genius who has developed one of the world's most incredible, advanced, profound, enjoyable, complex, wide-ranging, authentic systems of yoga, meditation, healing, bodywork, philosophy, personal transformation and self-realization which has ever been evolved.

Tibetan Pulsing originated from a Tibetan Healing system which describes 24 Energy centers located in the body. Its main purpose is transformation of human consciousness, to create Beings of Light.

This is accomplished by opening all the channels connected to these 24 centers, so the life- force can flow unobstructed through our system. For this to happen we need to clear our nervous system of all negative imprints that influence our daily life, like stress ,anxiety, anger, unhealed emotions, traumas etc.


The secret lies in the fact that the energy we put into our negative states, we can use to create positive qualities like love, capacity, creativity, friendship etc. The life-force that we use to create suffering, this very suffering acts as fuel for our transformation. Tibetan Pulsing is the only method that uses the magnetic power of the heartbeat to do that. When you share your love with each other, doors open and life comes streaming in.

The job of Tibetan Pulsing Yoga is to dissolve the shocks, which manifest as blockages to the electrical flow in our nervous system through meditation and relaxation. This is a specific form of bodywork, applying pressure to different points that are in direct contact with the nervous system. The gentle but continuous pressure and the connection between those points transport the magnetic pulse beat of the heart to the affected areas and they start pulsating. The electrical harmony that results from the active pulsing on different points, allows the melting of the blockage and an inner healing occurs.

Exploring each of the twenty four organs allows us to understand the various aspects of our psyche, the energy centers can be described as twenty four lights which illuminate specific parts of our psyche.

Each organ, or energy circuit, in this healing system has a particular color, sound, animal and country that are specific, and unique to its own character.

The negative charges and positive qualities are connected to a specific organ:
  • Gallbladder: addiction, co-dependency, jealousy/ inner freedom, independence, stimulation.
  • Liver: insecurity, feeling stuck guilt, depression / inner stability, flexible to change.
  • Pancreas: self-destructive patterns, workaholic, self-denial, martyr/ creativity, pleasure, growth, channel of healing.
  • Duodenum: anxiety, respect issues, hostility /tranquility, respect, kindness
  • Hara: anger, authority issues, reactive behavior/ inner strength, instinct, self- assertive.
  • Heart: self-hatred, sadness, heartbreak/ self-acceptance, love, compassion
  • Small Intestine: repression, people pleasing, cut off/ nurture, service, affection, peace.
  • Bladder: control, stress, feeling not good enough, pissed off/ relaxation, letting go, composure, humor.
  • Adrenals: fear, powerless, hyperactive/ courage, awareness, relaxed alertness.
  • Kidneys: confusion, blaming, inability to rest and receive/ clarity, superior perception, pure, trust in the flow of life.
  • Ovaries: shame, lethargy, break up issues/ luxury, vitality, light.
  • Colon: panic, obsession, giving -in, inner conflict/ inner harmony, self-knowledge, capability.
  • Lungs: pressure, inferiority, overdoing, exhausted/ joy, insight, expansion.
  • Brain: over-thinking, over-protected/ integrity, potential, logic, balance between heart and mind.
  • Stomach: eating disorders, compulsion, needy, / friendship, sympathy, forgiveness, romance.
  • Spleen: abandoned, disillusioned, mania/ enthusiasm, support, ability to express needs.
  • Throat: low self- worth, difficulty expressing, self-doubt/ self worth, authentic expression, dignity.
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The Intensive Is the Foundation of the Work
The Intensive Consists of two Parts
Part 1
From I to Me

From mind to heart: this is our male side, corresponding to our right eye, you will get initiated into the 24 organs and in the 24 aspects of our male side. We look at our unconsciousness, the buried and hidden part of us, and with the pulse allowing ourselves to enter the light, to become free.

We enter a shift in our consciousness that brings great understanding of who we truly are.

Part 2
From Me to This

We explore the 24 aspects of our female side, connected to our left eye.

Part one and two, both take 24 days of training each, but can be divided into several modules.

We will train in the following modalities:

The Tuning, a deep penetration into the subconscious through the application of light- and sound frequencies, as practiced in Tibetan Buddhism and Taoist China.

The Streaming, a melting of all individuals into a large energy chain, which floods our nervous system with positive energy.

The Bodywork, silent and profound relaxation of the body through the pulse beat.

The Eye reading, where we lovingly unfold the specific wounds of each individual. It is different from Iridology. Here a person in his/her wholeness is seen; physical , emotional, psychological and spiritual.

The Theatre, an opportunity to play out the parts of our personality which are hidden deep inside, like stress, depression, anger etc.

The Intensive reveals the mysteries of the human subconscious on all the different levels. It is not a form of teaching or learning. However, understanding is happening by experiencing the multi-colored glasses through which we perceive our inner and outer world and living the different spaces of our own subconscious.

The Intensive is supported by several forms of media: audio, video, theatre, and in a new and revolutionary way also the tarot. The whole thing is an exciting, regenerating and highly entertaining process.

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Fresh Juice
Introduction to the Tibetan Pulsing Experience

Initiation into the hi-tech process of Tibetan Pulsing Yoga through the transformation of sexual energy that is tied up in negative experiences of the past. The ideal process for lower back problems. Energizing ourselves with the pulse, we will feel a new freshness and a depth, never experienced before.

The New Mind
Discover Your Spirit and Connection with the Sacred.

The new mind process consists of six waves, each comprising of four organs. This is a deep work to eradicate our programming, our conditioning from our nervous system, body and mind.

Each organ is worked in a seven step process, taking seven sessions.

For instance: heart, the development of love. Hara the development of strength, Bladder - from stress to relaxation, Gallbladder - from dependency to freedom, Tongue - from desire to truth and so on.

Weekend Groups

Here we focus on one specific topic connected to a certain organ. For instance, the dynamics of relationships deals with the circuit of the Testes/Ovaries. Coming in your power and inner strength, we will focus on the Hara.

Speaking your Truth and knowing what you want in your life is related to The Tongue. And so on.

Osho on the Mystery of Life

"You need a transformation of your consciousness. And by transformation you will not become a knower, you will become more and more of a mystic. Each and every thing in life - from the smallest grass leaf to the biggest star - it is all mysterious.

A man of understanding will accept that insecurity is the very fabric of life, and that not knowing is the counterpart of an existence which is miraculous and mysterious."