Bardo Live
Ancient Tibetan and Taoist Healing Practices
Devanshu is an International Transformational Healer and Meditation teacher, a Western expert in Tibetan and
Taoist healing methods, facilitator of Sessions, Workshops and Retreats. His work across the world integrates
more than 40 years of experience into a series of powerful practices designed to help people expand their
consciousness and to receive healing on all levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.
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Welcome friends. I am here to help you to heal yourself and to remember your true nature.
To move into profound transformation of your Karma, on the DNA level.
I am here for you to open the channel of healing, tuned to the 24 basic frequencies of the Earth which are
connected to the 24 major organs of the human body.
These 24 organs are the temple of the Soul.
Awaken to a Life of Purpose and Presence
Life Transforming
Processes and Sessions
Karmic Deconditioning
Neelama is your guide in the journey to your Higher Self.
She is a professional Life Coach, Hypnotherapist, Guide to Akashic Chronicles,
Life Between Lives Regression therapist, Channeler and Intuitive Healer.
She provides a safe way for an individual to connect to their body, mind, soul and spirit. To enter a state of
increased awareness that enables unconscious memories to be accessed easily and safely for profound healing.
In these sessions and processes you will connect with your undying consciousness that can remember
beyond time and space.
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In my sessions and processes I open space for you to connect with the greater wholeness of life, nature, existence itself.
My passion is to help people recognize their true purpose and to let go of the boundary of the repetitive Karmic patterns.
To heal yourself in order to live your higher potential and freedom.
What is Bardo?

Bardo is the Tibetan term for the intermediate state or gap we experience between death and our next rebirth. Bardo is also the gap or space we experience between any two states. The lesser-known Bardos include the Bardo of dreaming, the Bardo of meditating, and even the Bardo of this life—which is, after all, the intermediate state between birth and death. These Bardos of everyday life are places of potential transformation.

In meditation practice, you can notice the awareness in the gap between thoughts. The Bardo between death and rebirth is considered a particularly good opportunity for enlightenment.

Bardos are spaces of potential creativity and innovation, because they create breaks in our familiar routines and patterns. In that momentary space of freedom the fresh perception of something new and awake may suddenly arise.

"24 hours a day you carry a diamond in your pocket and you never bother to open the pocket, because you don’t even know you carry it. Since centuries, ancient Tibetan and Taoist methods help people to find this diamond."
- Devanshu