Margarita Nekrasova
Director and owner of the Neorelax fitness studio

I am doing groups and private sessions with Devanshu and Neelama for the last 12 years .Before I met them, I studied psychology and went to many different kind of seminars, events and groups for 4 years. I did a lot of work on myself but I could not find peace of mind and change my life for the better.

My personal situation at that moment was that my relation did not work. My beloved suddenly disappeared and he did not answer my calls. I tried to reach him and understood that it was time to forget him. But I was obsessively thinking about him and tried to meet him. And then I did ovaries group and after 3 sessions I realized that I did not think about my lover anymore. It helped me so much; I understood that this is a very powerful practice. So I could see that I have to do more Tibetan pulsing groups on different organs, each organ is connected with a certain area of human consciousness. To continue with this story, after a few days my ex-lover called me and asked me for a date. I could see that ovaries energy that was ignited is very attractive for men. I met him and told him it’s over and I went on a date with a different man that I met in the same period. With this man I live happily until now and we have a son together. I would highly recommend ovaries sessions to all women who suffer in their relationships.

I can also say that I regained my dignity and self-esteem through duodenum-sessions. And the last story I want to share with you is about what was happening in the pancreas-group. The pancreas in the Tibetan tradition is the channel of creativity and healing. Sometimes in pulsing-groups we play theater and my act was to sing a song as a real actress on the stage. It opened up my dormant potential so strong that I could quit my job shortly afterward and open my own company.

Margarita - on Transomatiс dialogue with Neelama.

With Transomatic dialogue sessions from Neelama I could heal physical symptom constantly repeated in stressful situations.

n the trance-induction I was transported back in time , as if an air stream lifted me up and put me in a place back in time where I had to be. Neelama told me look closely, what do you see, who is there with you in the room?

I could clearly see myself as a small child, 5 years old in my parents’ house. I was plunged into the memories of my childhood, in the situation connected to the psychological and emotional trauma.

All my emotions, believes and behavior patterns connected to that memory became clear to me. When we brought light to the repressed memories - healing became possible.

Since that I don’t have those symptoms anymore.

I booked a few more sessions, to deepen my connection with my inner child. Each time it went deeper and it was easier to go back in time and connect with my past.

Lena Ponamareva
Body worker

I want to share my story of transformation.

Before I started to work on myself with Neelama and Devanshu I lived an ordinary life. I was married and had a daughter. I had a regular job as an accounter. At one point I found out that my husband had a different woman. My life crashed and it felt like I was falling head down from a big tower. And I remained in this state for quite a long time until my sister advised to a Tibetan pulsing group. Since then I am doing this work for 8 years and a lot of changes happened in my life.

I split with my husband and in the group I met a new man with who I live and can grow together by doing meditations and pulsing-sessions together.

I want to tell you one story about my fear of heights; once I was with my man in the Altai Mountains and we were trekking to high altitude.

Even a helicopter was in the air was below us. Suddenly I was paralyzed by a huge fear; I could not move and open my eyes. Then I remembered my repetitive dream: I was standing on a balcony that had no protective fence around it. Then I remembered Arms group and Devanshu explanations about phobia, and also about fear of future both are connected to arms-charge.

I did a lot of Arms sessions. I healed my phobia and even more. I quit my job and now I am self-employed. I work with shiatsu and massage that I learned from my mother.

Marina Boldashevich
Tetha , Reiki healer, Aura soma counselor
https://www.facebook.com /profile.php?id=100005216 802612&fref=ts

I got Prana healing and Transomatic dialogue-sessions from Neelama.

It is just amazing how sensitive she is. How clear she could see my inner world. Her psychic gift helped me to look to my past and present situation objectively. It’s far beyond of mind understanding.

I I am grateful to Neelama for her help and support, in opening my true potential in life.

For more than 10 years I did a lot of practices and therapeutic groups. But I got real result after Tibetan pulsing sessions with Devanshu.

In a short period of time after series of sessions I experienced a deep transformation. It was so surprising and simple because I did not make any effort. I just enjoyed the process and watched how obstacles, that did not allow my true nature to come forth simply disappearing.

My body, mind and spirit were purified. I became more aware of my thoughts, conditioning and borrowed feelings. And in its place fulfillment and understanding came.

All our qualities and charges are imprinted in our eyes.

I did eye reading before sessions and afterwards.

Devanshu can see in the eye beautiful qualities that are hidden behind the shadows. Very clear he can see the true nature of the human soul. And the obstacles that do not allow this true nature to express itself fully. My life became more fulfilling and I started to enjoy even little things.

I booked a few more sessions, to deepen my connection with my inner child. Each time it went deeper and it was easier to go back in time and connect with my past.

Maryna Kozhaieva
Cranio Therapist
https://www.facebook.com /maryna.kozhaieva

I would like to share my experience of sessions with Neelama. She is Psychic Medium and many times in difficult situations in my life I got channeling from her.

She always gives to me support and good advice.

As a Prana healer, Neelama works in a holistic way guided to individual needs through Meditation, Colour, Crystals, and Reiki.

Her chakra reading is clear and precise.

I also got many Transomatic Dialogue sessions from her. It healed few physical issue , with the help of increased awareness about very root of it coming from early childhood and even womb life.

She and her husband worked for 12 years in Russia , and now they moved to Marbella ,Costa del Sol , Spain, where they are planning to open Tao healing holistic Center. And one day I hope to become part of it as Cranio sacral Therapist.

Mikhail Proshaliykin

Tibetan Pulsing came into my life 3 years ago, when I was in a deep crisis. I had problems with work, relationships; I could not find my place in life. Under the guidance of Devanshu I was able to come slowly out from that state of anxiety and helplessness.

In the beginning it was not so clear, but now I can see that my attitude to life changed and that I see things in a new way. Doing pulsing I feel deep satisfaction, feeling filled up with new vitality and energy.

The more I open and trust the pulse, the deeper the was relaxation. In the very beginning of my pulsing experience, it was in the Hara group, Devanshu told me that this group will transform my life. At that time I had a vague idea what that could be, but now it has become clear that pulsing changes my life.

Svetlana Kotlayrova

I booked a TSA-LUNG session because I had a bladder infection. Before I always took antibiotics. It continued for few years. Then Devanshu checked my energy-body and find out that some channels were blocked. I got 3 Tsa-lung sessions and the problem was over. And now for already 2 years I have not this problem. I am so happy with this because I suffered so much from pain.

Lubov Lobanova
Piano teacher

13 years ago I met Devanshu and Neelama for the first time.

Once he told me- “Learn to go with the flow”. Since then my journey started - wild rivers of emotions, deep ponds of unconsciousness and still waters of silence.

We did a lot of work on ourselves.

One time in the morning I woke up with a smile on my face, it was a feeling of inner joy without any reason. New feelings and understanding came to me. Even my relation with my husband changed, instead of irritation there were jokes and laughter. And you know what? I stopped stuttering. I suffered from it since I was 5 years old.

Layers of negativity slowly disappeared. And after each group there was a feeling of purity and softness. And most important - meditation.

I feel deep gratitude towards my Teachers. Tibetan pulsing changed my life.

It was such a long journey - Tibetan pulsing intensive, the New mind process, Reiki initiation, Kriya yoga, Ayurvedic massage training, Family constellation , Bardo , Transomatic dialogue, Past life sessions and initiation into Universal Healing Tao.

My teachers inspired me on the path of meditation and self discovery.

I love you my dear Teachers.

Gala Gafar
Yoga Teacher

I want to share what changed in my life after the eye reading.

In an eye reading Devanshu gave me the advice to live my truth and to express this truth. I succeeded very well in this. As a result I build up a new relationship with my parents and my sister. Especially in that area where I had most tension. And I enjoy this new feeling of freedom. It was a simple practical advice but it gave me so much more space to be myself.