Tibetan Pulsing groups
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Discover your true nature and oneness with all there is
The Tibetan Pulsing Intensive
The intensive is the foundation of the Work.

The intensive is a group-process with the aim to purify our nervous system and to transform our negative energies and emotions into positive qualities so we can enter higher levels of our consciousness.

This is a preparation to receive higher frequencies and vibrations, so we can tune in on our divine origin. The intensive consists of 2 parts.

Part 1.
From I to me.

From mind to heart this is our male side, corresponding to our right eye you will get initiated into the 24 organs and in the 24 aspects of our male side. We look at our unconsciousness, the buried and hidden part of ourselves and with the pulse allowing ourselves to enter the light, to become free.

We enter a shift in our consciousness that brings great understanding of who we truly are.

Part 2.

From the heart to our being, our feminine side, corresponding to the left eye. We explore the 24 aspects of our female side

In this intensive we work with symbols,colours, light, sounds, music, mantras,mudras ,and we will use specific bodywork,like streaming,the whole group is collectively connected in a specific body posture, the stream.

The session, in which we exchange a session with one partner, we tune on one organ. Part one and two, both take 24 days of training each, but can be divided into several modules.

Fresh juice

A weekend group, energizing ourselves with the pulse, we will feel a new freshness and a depth, never experienced before.

Ignition group

A 4-day process working with the seven chakras.

These two groups are designed to introduce the Tibetan pulsing experience.

The New Mind

Discover your spirit and connection with the sacred

The new mind process consists of six waves, each comprising four organs. This is a deep work to eradicate our programming, our conditioning from our nervous system and body and mind.

Each organ is worked in a seven step process, taking 7 sessions.

For instance: heart, the development of love hara the development of strength, bladder - from stress to relaxation, gallbladder - from dependency to freedom, tongue - from desire to truth and so on.

Weekend groups and evening events.

Here we will focus on a specific organ, or a certain aspect of ourselves.

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