Universal Healing Tao
Learn how to distress yourself, to delete bad memory and master
yourself and your spirit. It is the beginning of Supreme Inner Alchemy.

In this courses and private lessons you can achieve better health, wisdom, and spiritual energy, you will connect to the Primordial Force.

You will learn -
Inner Smile, Six Healing Sounds, Microcosmic Orbit, Wisdom Chi Kung, 6 Direction-3 Tan Tiens, Simple Chi Kung, Healing Love.

The Cosmic Inner Smile teaches you how to get in touch with your internal organs, smiling to them, and transforming them into love, kindness, gentleness, and healing energy.

The Six Healing Sounds cools down excess heat, cleans toxins out of the organs and transforms negative emotions into positive. Each sound relates to an organ and has a color, body posture and emotions.

Microcosmic Orbit meditation is the ancient foundation for healing by awakening and opening the body centers, and drawing the Universal, Cosmic and Earth Forces into the body and body channels.

Simple Chi Kunghas profound health benefits and is for all ages. Short daily practice helps to lose weight, heal chronic illnesses, or just feel spiritual bliss. It combines gentle, meditative movements and whole body breathing. It has worked for over 5000 years and rely on “Chi” the divine life force, and “Kung” the skill in managing it.

Be in tune with the Earth
and at home on our Planet
Men's Health Retreat: Taoist Secrets Love Practices
Multi Orgasmic Men

In this seminar you will be initiated in Universal Tao Practices –
Inner Smile Meditation, Six Healing Sounds,Testicle Breathing, Scrotum Compression, Power Lock, Big Draw, and Valley Orgasm , Iron Shirt , Stem Cell Chi Kung etc.

We will practice breathing exercises, meditations, and physical exercises, which will teach us how to guide sexual energy, including controlling ejaculation to become multi-orgasmic. These practices result in improved vitality, health, and rejuvenation. They also balance sexual activity in order to transform this creative power for self-healing and healing our partner.

You will learn to

  • Have multiple orgasms without losing your erection. Experience longer, more intense whole-body orgasms
  • Use your sexual energy to improve your overall health. Increase your sexual energy and vitality
  • Recognize the signs of your partner’s desire. Help your partner to become multi-orgasmic
  • Master thrusting techniques that will completely Satisfy your partner
  • Make all sex safe
  • Overcome impotence
  • Increase your sexual strength in middle and older age. Maintain the passion in your relationship as you age together
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