Individual sessions

Tsa-Lung Tibetan Healing

Powerful Tibetan hand healing method. It treats the whole person - body, emotions, mind and spirit, creating relaxation and wellbeing.

Tsa-Lung Tibetan Healing

Tsa-Lung deals with channel-winds, energy projection and visualization process. Preserved in Tibetan Medicine knowledge, based on secret fire-energy of Tummo (inner heat) this method works with physical diseases and imbalance.

Life force energy flows through us and gives us the feeling of aliveness. If one's life energy is low, then we are more likely to get sick or feel stress, and if it is high, we are more capable of being happy and healthy.

Tsa-lung is a simple, natural and safe method of spiritual healing that everyone can use.

It has been effective in helping virtually every known illness and imbalance and always creates a beneficial effect. It also works in conjunction with all other medical or therapeutic techniques to relieve side effects and promote recovery.

Its origins come from the Kalachakra-tantra.

The function of the Tsa lung therapy is to restore the subtle wind and energy flow systems and bring the blocked channels back to normal function. The duration of a session is one hour.

Devanshu studied with Tulku Lama Lobsang and is working with it since 12 years.

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Tibetan Pulsing sessions

Tibetan Pulsing is energetic bodywork. We are pulsating beings. The pulse is light, light is love. Pulsing is a natural way of healing and regenerating from the deepest level.

Tibetan Pulsing sessions

In a Tibetan pulsing session, the healer works on specific points on the body meridians, corresponding to the nervous system. The Pulse is brought on these points. This process creates a positive flow of bioelectricity that starts running through the whole body.

It creates the gentle power to dissolve blockages in the bioelectrical flow, which runs our nervous system. This positive input neutralizes pain, suffering and anger through orgasmic relaxation.

Results are profound and far reaching, physical tensions dissolve and defenses carried for years are released and it becomes possible to open up to a new strength and confidence which transmits to people's work, relationships, creativity and health.

Groups, courses and trainings on request.

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Tibetan psychic eye reading

The iris is an imprint of our karma. In an eye reading, you can get insight about your talents, qualities, about the obstacles and lessons in life.

Tibetan psychic eye reading

This is precise method of energy reading.

"The eye is a window to the soul" is not just a poetic statement. Just as a computer chip contains all the information of its program, so the iris reveals the printout of our nervous system.

The very sensitive nerve endings in our eyes are connected to the entire nervous system of our body. The eye also records anything that was damaging to our nervous system in the form of markings on the iris.

A practitioner can see in the eyes all qualities and the negative patterns, connected to the 24 organs of our body.

There is also much information about the person, what happened in the womb, what chakra the person is coming from, their sexual preferences, how it was with the parents, etc.

An eye reading can reveal the unconscious habits that govern our life and can help us to understand our own motivations, desires and aspirations.

It shows us areas within our psyche that are in need of a positive energy flow and healing through a Tibetan Pulsing session

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Reiki hand healing energy sessions -

  • accelerates healing on all levels
  • help you to take responsibility for your own health and well-being
  • reduces stress and promotes peace
  • helps you express your full potential with wisdom and authenticity
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Zen coaching - effortless transformation
Zen coaching - effortless transformation

To create and live a life that you really want, to realize what is important for you, to fulfil your true passion.

Zen coaching is the essence of eastern and western wisdom. I combine in this approach years of experience of meditation, working with people and NLP - coaching.

Life Counseling is one of the leading tools for people seeking a more fulfilling life and wanting to live their full potential. It is an interactive process, which enables the client to accelerate their development and achieve deeper understanding.

Coaching provides a framework, accountability and focus that enable the clients to gain more awareness, discover bigger, more exciting possibilities, overcome barriers and achieve greater satisfaction in any area of work or life.

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Ayuryoga deep tissue therapeutic Massage

I am a Professional massage therapist, body worker and healer, with 25 years experience. I am originally from the Netherlands, I work and give trainings all over the world.

Ayuryoga deep tissue therapeutic Massage

AyurYoga Therapeutic Massageis a unique style of massage that combines deep tissue massage with coordinated breathwork and yoga stretching.

The deep tissue massage helps to remove knots and adhesions in the muscles, releases tension with the tradition of Ayurveda, herbal oils and medicinal powders , brings healing properties through long and graceful strokes.

This technique will help dissolve physical and emotional blocks, eliminate toxins from the body, promote correct posture, improve respiratory patterns and leave the client with a deep sense of well-being.


  • Enhance muscular coordination
  • Enhance circulation of all body liquids
  • Reduce Muscle Tension
  • Increase flexibility of motion
  • Realign anatomical structure
  • Increase Energy


  • Mental stress and physical tension
  • Joint and muscle pain related to stiffness or illness ( tendonitis, Arthritis, …)
  • Respiratory problems ( shallow breathing, asthma…)
  • Problems with circulation related to stiffness and lack of exercise
  • Bad posture and all forms of back, neck and shoulder pain, (scoliosis, slipped disc, imbalance in the pelvic girdle, frozen shoulder…)
  • Pain in the limbs, morning stiffness, knee pain, tennis and golf elbow
  • Constipation and other transit problems
  • Stress, anxiety, depression and lethargy
  • Migraine, headaches, insomnia
  • Cellulite
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Transomatic Dialogue

Fast-track method,using guided trance, colored light and dialogue to clear unconscious memory for Healing, Balancing and Integrating.

Transomatic Dialogue

This sessions is highly beneficial for you if you are interested in: dealing with unwanted patterns of behavior – overwhelming emotions – phobias – unwanted beliefs – past traumas – physical symptoms.

Every disease, physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual, has its roots in our psychological and emotional past. Transomatic Trance provides a simple, safe way for an individual to relax their body, emotions and mind, to enter a state of increased awareness that enables unconscious memories to be accessed easily and safely.

Transomatic Starlight Dialogue for self-healing has four aspects:

  1. Healing - uncovering the core memory, emotions, beliefs and behavior patterns.
  2. Balancing the restored emotional and energetic circuits.
  3. Integrating psycho-emotional aspects back into their original wholeness.
  4. Harmonizing, connecting with the greater wholeness of life, nature, existence itself.

We will learn to re-organize our thoughts, feelings and attitudes in ways that make us more whole. Issues for these sessions can be: Physical symptoms, dysfunctional behaviors, repetitive patterns, past traumas and much more can be brought into this healing energy field.

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Prana Healing

Deep energy work for clearing and harmonizing of the energy field (Aura) and physical body.

Prana Healing

This sessions is an open space for healing to happen, naturally simple and miraculous.

Whenever life energy is not harmonious, we experience dis-ease. In the form of body tension, pain, chronic sickness. On a psychological or mental level, it can manifest as imbalanced emotions, destructive behavior patterns and more.

A prana healing session is a deep energy work. Its help to restore and clean the Aura and physical body. Therefore, you can come to your natural state again.

In a space of relaxation and let go, healing happening, old wounds dissolve and open new opportunities for your life. I am with you as supportive channel transmitting healing energy, sounds and touch.

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Dream Dialogue

Connecting with yourself through dreams. This is a safe way, using trance and dialogue, to enter the inner reality of the dreams, and to understand its message.

Dream Dialogue

Dream dialogue reveals the hidden meaning of dreams and bring direct experience of higher states of consciousness.

Dreams are remarkable in many ways, not least because they arise from an unknown place inside our self. They often take on strange forms and have rules of behavior outside the daily norm.

Integrating this experience stretches the boundaries of our comfort zone. This allows the limited zone of the known self to expand and grow. Providing the dreamer an opportunity to give a voice to the elements in their dream is the basis of Dream Dialogue.

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Past-Life and Bardo-Karmic Dialogue

A journey backwards in time bringing awareness, releasing energy caught up in unconscious behavior patterns and connecting to that undying essence in you which exists beyond lives.

Past-Life and Bardo-Karmic Dialogue

Experiencing oneself in a different time changes the whole notion of self by shifting the paradigm markers of personality.

Past Life memory allows clearly experience events, feel emotions from another time and space, re-cognizes other values and beliefs from previous reality in details and changes the ideas that form the basis of here-now reality.

Once reality experienced as a shifting drama, its lifts the idea of self into wider level of awareness.

Past life memories is loosening current beliefs and attitudes. An individual needs to have a mind open enough to allow the unknown to enter. This is the essence of all spiritual transformation.

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The Transomatic-Akashic Starlight Rainbow Octave

This process is a very deep work with first chakra and age from birth to 6 years old. This memories influence our relationships, sexuality and gender.

The Transomatic-Akashic Starlight Rainbow Octave

Red octave. 7 sessions 2, 5 hours each.

The use colors, Transomatic Trance and Dialogue helps to access unconscious evolutionary memories on three levels: Personal, Biological-Collective, Cosmic-Akashic.

When a color is applied to specific zones on the face and body, unconscious memories are accessed.

There are seven individual sessions in Rainbow Octave.

  • 1-5. On the face and body.
  • 6. First chakra harmonizing.
  • 7. The Emerald Octave - to deepen balance and integration.

I. Personal unconscious memories are released from first circle.

  • a) To access memories associated with relationships, sexuality, gender … to bring consciousness to personal issue located in the first chakra.
  • b) To bring awareness to emotional wounds connected to male-female conflict. Here dialectic opposites becomes complementarity: Unio Mystica.

It opens the personal memory into the next level of awareness.

II. The Biological-Collective.

Biological life forms are evoked.

This opens the third level of consciousness.

III. Universal-Akashic memories.

It releases multidimensional memories from the Universal-Akashic field of consciousness.

Experience one's self within a cosmic context allows breaking through ancient barriers of biology to reach the level where authentic transformation happens.

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