I share with people 30 years of experience meditation and healing.
I use a variety of ways for healing from disease, stress, depression, bringing clarity and insight.
Devanshu Herke Wiersma
  • Tsa-Lung Tibetan hand-healer
  • Meditation teacher
  • International teacher of Tibetan Pulsing
  • Universal Healing Tao instructor
  • NLP life-coach and a hypnotherapist
  • Reiki-master

Devanshu is a Professional Holistic practitioner with experience in therapeutic bodywork, meditation, ancient Tibetan and Taoist energy/longevity practices. His workshops, private sessions, and consultations awaken people to empower their lives through the mastery of personal health, wellness, and sexual vitality.

In his quest for sacred spiritual journey, he has traveled all over the world from India, Asia, Japan, Russia and Australia. Devanshu studied various forms of meditation, yoga, and a wide variety of therapeutic healing and bodywork.

As a Meditation teacher, Universal Healing Tao Instructor, Tibetan Pulsing and Tsa-lung Master Practitioner, he has had extensive training and certifications directly with world renown legendary Masters including Osho , Mantak Chia, Dalai Lama, Tulku Lama Lobsang .

Devanshu is also an Aurvedic Massage Practitioner and Reiki Master. His work across the world integrates more than thirty years of experience into a series of powerful practices designed to help people to master their health, empower their lives increase their sexual vitality, and experience the deep rewards of awareness.

Workshops and sessions include expert guidance in:

  • Conscious, sacred practices for women, men and couples
  • The ancient sacred tantric art of Tibetan Pulsing
  • Qi Gong to revitalize internal organs & sexual energy
  • Energy work and healing
I work with simple methods to heal any physical, emotional, psychological issue.
Neelama Natalya Gracheva
  • Meditation Facilitator
  • NLP Coach & Healing Therapist
  • Master Reiki
  • Universal Healing Tao instructor

Neelama was born in Moscow in a scientist family. She has an MA in architecture and design.

She started her inner search at the age 36 from psychology – Gestalt therapy, bodywork and more.

For 15 years, she traveled to India, Asia and Europe to learn meditation and various forms of therapy. She is a Reiki master. Studied for few years in Osho Multiversity. Certified in Prana Healing, Channeling, Hypnotherapy, NLP, and Tibetan Pulsing Healing.Universal Healing Tao Instructor.

She learned directly from legendary Taoist Grand Master Mantak Chia in Thailand, Tulku Lama Lobsang. Initiated in Kalachakra from Dalai Lama

For the last 6 years she study and practicing Akashic – Bardo with Devageet ( Osho’s personal dentist). She is a certified Transomatic Star Light dialogue Practitioner.

She is also a Russian-English translator.